Interlock Paving

Interlock Paving – The Advantages and Disadvantages

Despite its popularity, there are plenty of situations where poured concrete simply isn’t the best choice. Not all of us live in areas where the ground is both flat and firm, which is where a poured concrete surface performs best. The function of concrete is basically to bridge soft spots and form an even surface, but compared to interlock paving, it can leave a lot to be desired. Its life expectancy is relatively short (10 – 20 years, depending on climate and topography) and of course, it is notably lacking in aesthetic appeal.

By contrast, interlock paving doesn’t crack, since it moves along with the soil; offers a much stronger and more durable surface and it also looks great. You can choose from any number of colors and styles and since it’s a modular paving solution, it can be configured in any style you like. For instance, if you’re trying to build a decorative garden path, interlocking paving stones let you create a winding path or creative designs which complement the existing landscaping.

Heat, cold and moisture place a great deal of wear and tear on poured concrete surfaces. This isn’t to say that interlock paving is immune to these forces, but they offer much greater resistance to the elements and if individual pieces need to be repaired, replaced or removed to allow access to pipes, electrical lines or other utilities, you won’t have to have the entire driveway, patio or walkway torn up.

Interlock paving can last for a lifetime with relatively minimal maintenance, but of course, there are some disadvantages as well. The initial cost is higher than concrete, but given their durability and ease of maintenance, they do offer a lower cost over the long run. Moss and weeds can grow in between the stones, but these can be managed with relative ease, as can ants should they take up residence – a well installed sealer is all it takes.

To put it plainly as possible, the advantages of interlock paving far outweigh the disadvantages. If you’re willing to make the investment, they offer a good looking, incredibly long lasting and flexible paving solution for driveways or any other surface around your home or business which avoids the downsides of poured concrete paving.



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