Cobble Paving

Cobblestones Add A Classic Look To Your Home Or Business

Many people automatically associate cobble stones with a bygone era, and of course this is certainly true, at least to a certain extent. One can still find countless cobbled lanes; alleys and even roads in many cities around the world, and most of them are still in surprisingly good condition.

One example which springs to mind is Green Market Square in Cape Town, South Africa. The entire square is cobbled, and it’s as good today as it was all those years ago when people were still going around in horse drawn carriages.

More interesting however, is the fact that cobblestones have started making a comeback, and today there are luxurious homes surrounded by beautiful cobbled walkways and expansive cobbled driveways. Many large corporations are also turning to cobble stones in a bid to enhance the aesthetics of their corporate headquarters and etc.

Cobble stones can give even the most lifeless buildings a distinctively classic look. They look neat and tidy; they look attractive; they look welcoming, but most important of all is the fact that they are so incredibly durable.

Providing cobbles stones are laid correctly, they will outlive every person that’s currently living on the planet. Nearby buildings will eventually have to be torn down, but the cobble stones will look as good as they did the day they were laid.

Cobble stones are also extremely versatile. Apart from using them for roads and pavements, they can also be used for garden paths or things like tree surrounds. More and more people are also starting to use them around their swimming pools, because unlike several other paving materials, cobble stones aren’t affected by the chemicals that are present in swimming pool water. They also don’t fade in the sun, and providing you use unpolished stones, they are not nearly as slippery as some other types of pavers.

Whether you want to transform your home, or whether you want to bolster the image of your business, cobble stones are a perfect solution. The downside to them is the fact that they are not the cheapest type of paving. Then again, you end up with something which is capable of lasting hundreds, if not thousands of years.

One word of caution however, is that if you’re going to be investing this sort of money, then you really need to use a company that has plenty of experience. Laying cobble stones is not the same as laying brick pavers. Instead, it’s an acquired skill which can only be mastered through experience.